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He claimed that the six procedures he underwent over a period of 19 months only gave him short-term relief. Kong takes her time dragging her victim around the ring and slamming her head into each turnbuckle.

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Von Dutch knows this and once she takes control in this one fall match, she has no intention of letting it go. And with that particular target now in her sights, Angel proceeds to dominate the action through fair means and foul.

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She slips up though and once Sara starts putting on submissions it doesn't look good for the blonde.

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Courtney Rush vs Leva Leva gives us her best Joey Knight impersonation before the match, but she is all business when the bell rings as she works over Courtney's arm. Reversals and escapes keep both ladies trying to gain an upper hand. After Kimberly doesn't offer her a clean break in the opening stages of the match, she even exclaims that she, not Kimberly, is supposed to be doing the dirty tricks.

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Leva's "never give up" attitude saves her from this one and she goes to work on Amy's arm trying for the submission. Tracy gets a pair of near-falls as well after rolling out of a front facelock, then after connecting on a teeth-rattling Codebreaker. Jessie is able to stand and land some nice forearms, only to get dropped when April lands one of her own. A final Snap Suplex followed by a roll-up puts one out of her misery at long last. Angel and Alexis work each other over with grinding mat work including prolonged facelocks, headlocks and arm wringers as each looks for an advantage.

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  1. Nikki gives up a massive size and weight advantage when she takes on Freight Train in this one-fall intergender matchup. Even Courtney is brought into the fray and divested of her footwear.