Primeval supercontinent which split into gondwanaland and

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Thanks Shreya… I will try to implement it going forward. FInally, the major evidence was the presence of fossils of identical species of flora and fauna living on land and water across the marine barrier e.

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Hi friends, Anybody can explain about continental drift theory, sea floor spreading theory and plate tectonic theory Please explain and give input on how to write an answer on that topics … Please please.

Evidences supporting this theory are: The similarity of Fossils found in Madagascar, eastern Africa and India indicates that these land masses were once joined and animals freely ventured over it.

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1) What do you understand by the continental drift theory ? What are the evidences in its support ?

Continents ride on the plates that make up the ocean floor, which causes the movement of the continents. Ghana have rich placer deposits of gold in spite of having no source rock there but in Brazil. They continued to break into smaller continents that exist today.
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